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Kaddu Sebunya has been chief executive officer since January 2019, after serving as the AWF President beginning in January 2016. Kaddu has over 20 years of conservation experience at the grassroots, national, and regional levels in the US, Africa, and Europe. Today he leads the organization in realizing its vision of a modern Africa where human development agendas incorporate thriving wildlife and wild lands as cultural and economic assets for Africa‚Äôs future generations. Under his leadership, AWF has amplified the voice of African conservation leaders and stakeholders on a continental and global scale. His emphasis on and work involving multi-sectoral engagements with African governments and the private sector has led to a significant shift towards conservation priority across the continent. Kaddu has played a significant role in distinguishing AWF as the African conservation NGO that prioritizes the needs of people as well as wildlife and habitats in Africa.

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Kaddu Sebunya