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Methodius Mukhwana is African Wildlife Foundation’s Program Officer, Conservation Planning. He has taken on various roles in his six years at the organization and currently oversees field implementation of AWF’s conservation projects in Uganda. He is interested in community conservation, wildlife ecology, and sustainable natural resource management for improved community livelihoods by developing models and generating relevant information. After completing his undergraduate degree in Tourism at Makerere University, he joined Nature Harness Initiatives, a local NGO based in Kampala, Uganda, as a Program Assistant. In this role, he provided support in the design and implementation of natural resources management programs and the implementation of conservation work plans. Having gained both theoretical and practical experience in environmental research, management, and monitoring, Methodius strives to share innovative conservation solutions with the scientific community through applicable geographical models and publications. He has been involved in a number of GIS related consultancies for environmental management and food security for organizations including Environmental Conservation Trust, Uganda, ENR Africa Associates, and Kilimo Trust.

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Methodius Mukhwana