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Olivia Mufute is African Wildlife Foundation’s Country Director, Zimbabwe. Olivia has over 25 years of experience in wildlife conservation and natural resources management in Zimbabwe, with extensive experience in ecology, policy development, and implementation of multi-lateral environmental agreements, including CITES. Currently, Olivia oversees the implementation of projects that address anti-poaching, community development, governance, conservancy development, and transboundary collaboration. Other programs focus on large landscapes in partnership with Zimbabwe’s government, NGOs, and development partners including private-sector partners. Prior to joining AWF, Olivia was the chief ecologist and head of multi-lateral environmental agreements at the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. She graduated with MSc in ecology and natural resources management from the Kharkov State University in Ukraine and MSc in biodiversity conservation in the international framework from the International University of Andalusia, Spain. She also has post-graduate professional qualifications from institutions in Italy, Israel, China, and Zimbabwe.

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