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Three ways sustainable agriculture protects natural resources and improves livelihoods in southern Tanzania

Image of a woman in agriculture on a farm in Tanzania.

The rapid expansion of small-scale farming in wildlife-rich and ecologically sensitive areas is one of the leading threats to biodiversity in the fertile wetlands of Tanzania’s southern breadbasket — and across the African continent.

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Saving the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf from extinction

Close-up photo of a lone Ethiopian wolf

To make the greatest conservation impact, AWF uses a range of strategies to protect species in priority landscapes. Though our work is organized around iconic wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, and large carnivores, we design our programs to benefit local human communities as well as all indigenous wildlife and habitats. Among the key species we focus on is one of the world’s rarest canids, the Ethiopian wolf.

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How the science of tracking secures Africa’s wildlife and their habitats

Though rooted in the ancient traditions of hunters and gatherers, CyberTracker has changed the face of conservation science. The field data collection tool is free, open-source, and compatible with an accessible and powerful software to manage law enforcement monitoring data — the Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool (or SMART). Equipping wildlife management personnel with these tools is at the center of African Wildlife Foundation’s strategy to improve protected area management and sharpen conservation planning — here is why.

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A traditional Cameroonian community honors wildlife conservation and sustainable development

Landscape photo of hippos basking on the banks of Faro River in northern Cameroon

“Ngarkuwa.” This was the title bestowed on Manfred Aimé Epanda by Cameroon’s Tchamba chiefdom. Epanda, African Wildlife Foundation’s Cameroon country coordinator, has devoted the last two decades of his career to community conservation in his native Cameroon.

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16 ways to give back to wildlife during this holiday season

Image of four zebras on a plain

During this holiday season, treat your loved ones to gifts that also give back to Africa’s wildlife — or put these items on your wishlist.

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Make a gift to protect Africa's most vulnerable species.