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Coming Together in the Face of Mass Extinction

A white rhino bonds with her calf

“My film is going to be a failure if people aren’t changed,” Louie Psihoyos told AWF staff gathered in a conference room in Washington, DC a few weeks ago.  The DC Environmental Film Festival had just come to a close, and the Academy Award-winning director’s newest work, "Racing Extinction," had been the event’s grand finale.

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Miraculous Rhino Calf Brings Renewed Hope

Thandi and rhino calf Thembi

Some of you may remember Thandi, the courageous rhino who survived a poaching attack back in 2012. That poacher’s machete claimed her horn but not her life.

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The Silent Killer of Africa's Wildlife

Elephants in Arusha National Park

The following is an excerpt from "Habitat Loss: Wildlife's Silent Killer and the Central Role Protected Areas Play on Biodiversity Protection in Africa," a chapter written by AWF's Vice President of Conservation Strategy, Kathleen Fitzgerald, in Island Press' new book Protecting the Wild: Parks and Wilderness, the Foundation for Conservation. 

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Changing Climate Change

Show your power during Earth Hour 2015

Africa is anticipated to experience more than its fair share of climate change’s negative impacts, despite consuming just a fraction of the world’s fossil fuels.

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Ilima, an Example to Follow

Students celebrate the grand opening of Ilima Conservation School

It goes without saying that emphasizing the link between education and conservation is not a fruitless endeavor. The desired outcome is a community which consciously chooses to look after its forest as a heritage for its children, its children’s children, and its children’s children’s children, who will all benefit from these efforts in turn.

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