The Kuku Project

Descriptions & Plan

Economic conditions often affect women more harshly. 

Despite its rapid economic development, many of the communities in Kenya face the same financial and empowerment issues familiar to the rest of Africa. These challenges are especially difficult to overcome for women, as there are fewer jobs available to them, and family concerns can often monopolize their time.

For this group of women, eggs are the answer. 

In 2008, at the request of the women of Nkiloriti Group Ranch in the Samburu Heartland, African Wildlife Foundation helped them jump-start The Kuku Project. AWF built a chicken coop, complete with a heater and water tank, and purchased 80 chicks for the women, who are now selling special kuku eggs to local lodges.

The income generated from The Kuku Project has allowed the women to purchase everything from clothes for their children to medicine for their livestock, bringing new prosperity to the community and giving women a new financial independence.