Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Descriptions & Plan

Mountain gorillas are still under threat.

Even though the mountain gorilla population in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is growing, the species remains endangered. Poaching, habitat loss, and human–wildlife conflict threaten to halt the progress of this species. 

Gorilla lodge makes tourism a win–win. 

Officially opened in the spring of 2008, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is located just outside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The lodge idea was introduced in 2002, when the Uganda Wildlife Authority, along with IGCP and AWF, sought to address human–gorilla conflict in the region. What resulted was a high-end lodge based on gorilla tourism, co-owned by a private operating partner and the local communities—represented by the Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF). This unique partnership was facilitated by IGCP and AWF.

A percentage of each tourist’s bednight fee goes directly into the NCCDF general fund, which is then distributed to the community through various projects. A few of these projects include vegetable farming, livestock management, community walks, basket weaving, and wood carving cooperatives. Today Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge benefits more than 30,000 people across 23 villages surrounding the southern boundaries of the national park.