Grootberg Lodge

Descriptions & Plan

Namibia still faces eco-challenges.

Despite being at the forefront of conservation in Africa, Namibia still faces issues of poverty and habitat loss. Human-wildlife conflict still poses issues, and too often, communities do not see the benefits of the tourism businesses in their region. 

Updated lodge provides answers for the community. 

Grootberg Lodge is the first middle-market wildlife lodge in Namibia that is owned entirely by a conservancy. This 16-room lodge aims to provide professional service and great surroundings as well as benefits to the local community. While Grootberg Lodge provides direct employment opportunities in a poorly developed area, several structural design flaws have limited its potential.

African Wildlife Foundation, through its impact-investing subsidiary, African Wildlife Capital, provided Grootberg Lodge and its owners, the 2,000-member Khoadi-Hoas Conservancy, a loan that will allow for making much-needed updates on the lodge. The updated lodge is expected to offer returns of more than four times the current annual disbursements of US$45,000—proceeds that will go directly to the conservancy, which can then invest the money in community projects like schools, clinics, and a community kitchen. Lodge employment within the community is also expected to increase by more than 30%.

Additionally, the investment enhances the ability of the conservancy to further pioneer community-driven conservation. To learn more, visit the lodge’s homepage.