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Manyara Ranch Tented Camp

Bridging the gap between tourism and conservation

Tags: Tanzania, East Africa, Conservation Tourism, Land-Use Planning, Manyara Ranch Tented Camp, Vervet Monkey, Elephant Shrew, Maasai Steppe

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Descriptions & Plan

A failing cattle ranch endangers local wildlife. 

Originally established as a cattle ranch during Tanzania's colonial period, Manyara Ranch is now a 45,000-acre conservancy located in a critical wildlife corridor connecting Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks.  

Manyara remains an operating ranch to this day, but in the past it was so poorly managed that it barely turned a profit. As a result, the surrounding lands were under threat of being sold and divided into small, unsustainable agriculture plots. 

New tented camp offers tourism with a purpose. 

To prevent the sale of this critical habitat, AWF and the Tanzania Land Conservation Trust (TLCT) began working with a private-sector partner to develop new tourism opportunities in the Maasai Steppe Heartland.

In 2010, a semi-permanent tented camp was opened at the edge of
a picturesque clearing near the conservancy’s center. Six luxury, East African–style tents provide guests with comfortable accommodations and breathtaking views, all while providing livelihoods for local communities and protection for vulnerable wildlife. 


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