Descriptions & Plan

War has destroyed much of DRC’s infrastructure. 

Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have faced many challenges as a result of ongoing conflict and social upheaval in the region. Poor infrastructure and the threat of violence have prevented many from being able to provide for their families, pursue an education, or build a sustainable livelihood. 

AWF steps in to support women. 

The women in this war-torn country are making progress, however. In 2010, AWF began to support Réseau Femme et Développement (REFED), or Network of Women for Development in northern DRC. REFED comprises 16 distinct women’s associations all engaged in a variety of initiatives. Sustainable agriculture, crop and milk processing, food distribution, agroforestry, women’s education, and water sanitation are just a few of the projects REFED has taken on to better serve their communities. This women’s organization has shown that even in the face of adversity, ingenuity can thrive if given a bit of help.