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‘It is hard to imagine a penalty too harsh for those found guilty of instigating and promoting this vile crime’

  • 10/24/14
  • Nairobi, Kenya

As news broke of the U.S. government’s indictment of Dawie and Janneman Groenewald, two South African brothers charged with allegedly operating a rhino horn trafficking syndicate, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) CEO and member of the President’s Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, Dr. Patrick Bergin, released this statement:

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AWF Testifies on Trafficking of Africa's Great Apes

  • 10/20/14
  • Washington, D.C.

At a meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking at the U.S. Department of Interior on Friday, African Wildlife Foundation's (AWF's) Director of the African Apes Initiative, Jef Dupain, testified before council members and the general public on the growing threat of great ape trafficking and the impact this illicit industry poses to wild populations of bonobos, chimpanzees and gorillas in Africa.

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AWF Promotes Congo Basin Forest Conservation

  • 10/16/14
  • Brazzaville, Congo

Africa’s forests are diverse, host exceptional biodiversity, and are particularly important for communities, providing essential safety nets in times of hardships. Timber and non-timber forest products are an integral part of rural life and provide a substantial role in household economies across the continent.

Forests have direct and indirect value and benefits for people, society and wildlife:

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As Elephant Action Network Gathers at CGI, AWF Reports Successes Protecting African Elephants

  • 09/23/14
  • New York

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) joins former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, several African heads of state and a number of conservation groups to once again draw attention to Africa’s elephant crisis.

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AWF and MASS Design Group Open New Conservation School in Ilima, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • 09/22/14
  • New York

Today, at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, the African Wildlife Foundation and MASS Design Group announce the opening of the Ilima Primary School in Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.   

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